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The Turkish Towels are patterns and textures, come in a variety of colors, and %100 cotton woven fabrics.Turkish Towel has over 500 years of past in the history of Turkish baths. Now a days this lovely product has transformed itself to everywhere in our lives. Turkish Towels known as Peshtemal too.Peshtemal can be used as beach towel, bath towel, tablecloth, blanket and as picnic throw etc. Past couple years beaches started to get cover with peshtemal because,it is light weight and it dries way faster than the terry towels. Peshtemal covers really less space in beach bags compare to terry towels. That’s why it is great in baths, spas, yachts, hotels, beaches, pools, baby cares and house decoration.

We are manufacturer and wholesaler of this special product. To give our customers fast Turkish Towels Wholesale service, we work 3 shifts a day. We have in average 100.000 – 150.000 products in our stocks. Peshtemal City is always ready for its customers to give best Turkish Towels Wholesale service. We also manufacture Terry Towel, Bathrobe (Terry - Waffle - Velvet - Mayer), Bath Mats, Slippers, and Linens for Hotels. We produce this products with six jacquard looms and three dobby looms. We can produce around 30 – 40 tons a month. Our products are high quality, we use %100 cotton ring spun yarns. We can dye beach towels in any indanthrene colour. We strive to give you best service and best price.