Turkish Beach Towels

Newest Beach Fashion Are you wondering why you see peshtemals everywhere and everyone’s hand at the beach these days? And you are probably thinking how do people dry themselves with these unconventional towels, isn’t it a bit thin? Actually Turkish beach towel also known as peshtemal is a product of a great tradition and history.


HISTORY OF PESHTEMAL The history of peshtamal is directly connected to the history of Turkish Hamams. Inspired by Roman baths,     first Turkish Hamam, which is a public bath, was built in the 14th century. Hamams had hot water and steam rooms for bathing. But they were not only for that. Back in the

About Peshtemals

About Peshtemals From past to present peshtemal, also known as hammam towel or Turkish towel, which had different usage purposes, can be used in a wide variety of things nowadays.   Peshtemal was used as a hammam and bath towel in the past. Now it is being used especially in sauna, spa, pool, hotels, beach and