Peshtemal Wholesale For Autumn 2020

As Summer 2020 has come to an end, we will be informing you about the peshtemal designs we manufacture and wholesale for the 2020 Autumn season, what aspects the fouta towels we manufacture, and fouta towels we wholesale have, and what services we provide.

Before we begin our “Peshtemal Wholesale For Autumn 2020” Article, we would like to share a link to our “Pre-washed Antibacterial Turkish Beach Towels” article. In the post “Pre-washed Antibacterial Turkish Beach Towels” we talked about what benefits the pre-washing process we put our products through offer you. You can browse through our peshtemal blog to learn everything about the Turkish towels, peshtemal bathrobes, peshtemal blankets, and the patterned cotton face masks we manufacture and wholesale!

Let’s begin already, right?

Peshtemal Designs for Autumn 2020

We listed the top-selling Peshtemal designs of 2019 Autumn season for you!

Sultan Peshtemal

Sultan Peshtemal - Traditional Hammam Towel

One of our traditional, premium-quality, elegant, and nature-friendly hammam towel designs Sultan Peshtemal was the most-preferred Peshtemal design we manufacture and wholesale during the 2019 Autumn season. Our customers were satisfied with the beautiful and comfortable texture of Sultan Peshtemal! You can learn all the details about Sultan Peshtemal design on its own product page by clicking the link!

Colorful Rainbow Peshtemal

Colorful Rainbow Peshtemal

With such a vibrant, comfortable, lightweight, absorbent, quick-drying, and beautiful texture Colorful Rainbow Peshtemal decorated the windows of many stores throughout Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia! Check the Colorful Rainbow Turkish towel product page to learn all the technical details about it!

Jacquard Peshtemal

Jacquard Peshtemal

Jacquard Peshtemal was one of the most beautiful, top-notch, eco-friendly, and preferred Turkish beach towel designs we manufacture and wholesale. Jacquard Peshtemal was one of the most preferred Turkish towel designs of the 2019 Autumn season due to its eye-catching design and comfortable texture! Check the Jacquard Peshtemal product page and learn every detail about it!

Our New Fouta Towel Designs

We’ve released our brand-new, premium-quality, eye-catching, and nature-friendly Turkish towel designs not so long ago! You can discover the newest peshtemals we manufacture and wholesale along with our classic designs by visiting our “products” page!

Top-Notch Turkish Towel Wholesale Autumn 2020

As a responsible Turkish towel manufacturer and Turkish towel wholesaler, we aim to provide our customers with top-notch, and beautiful products!

Our entire Turkish towel, peshtemal bathrobe, and peshtemal blanket collection are woven 100% from hand-picked, top-quality Turkish cotton and dyed with anti-allergen, harmless, and eco-friendly dyes in the best dye-house in Denizli/TURKEY.

We prewash our entire collection right after the manufacturing process to prevent shrinking and apply an antibacterial aspect to our end-products! You can learn all the details about the peshtemal pre-washing process by visiting the article we linked above!

Peshtemal Wholesale Services Autumn 2020

As a responsible fouta towel manufacturer and fouta towel wholesaler, we aim to provide our customers with reliable, fast, and affordable services and products! We work with the fastest and the most reliable shipping companies like TNTFedEx, and UPS to deliver your orders on time! We co-operate with the most reliable dye-house in Denizli to provide you beautiful fouta towel designs! As we mentioned above we provide pre-washing services to provide you with hygienic products! We also provide peshtemal customization services for you so you can create the product you need!

To learn all the details about the fouta towels, peshtemal bathrobes, and peshtemal blankets we manufacture and wholesale and our services you can contact us via the information provided on our “contacts” page!

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Peshtemal City, fouta towel manufacturer and fouta towel wholesaler, wishes you a happy and a healthy Autumn in 2020!