Nine Miraculous Ways You Can Use Turkish Towels (Part 2)

Last week, we’ve mentioned 3 miraculous ways that you can use Turkish towels on a daily basis! You can read the first part of our article by clicking here!

This week, we’ll mention 6 occasions that having  multi-purpose Turkish towels with you would save your day! Keep following our blog for more information and advices about Turkish towels!

4. Hotel Bathroom & Room Decors

Double Diamond Peshtemal
Simplistic and stylish, Double Diamond Peshtemal will enhance the visuality and comfort of your hotel rooms & bathrooms!

Thousands of towels are being washed, dried and refreshed every single day due to hygiene reasons in hotels. Here is how to step up your game if you are running a hotel. Switch up the old heavy towels that occupy a lot of space with ones which are lightweight yet durable, colorful, luxuriously soft and save some space. Does it ring a bell? Turkish towels are all you need. If you switch up your towels with Turkish towels, as our Peshtemals cover much little space, more towels can be washed and dried in one single machine. Which makes it cost-effective as it is a great way to save time & water & electricity. Make your guests come to your hotel again next year and show that you are different & original by choosing our luxurious and elegant Turkish towels.

5. Garments That Match Your Style

Jacquard Peshtemal
Jacquard Peshtemals will complete your style during the entire year!


In these breezing days we need to protect ourselves from the cold but in a stylish way, right? Winter is coming and it is high time to shop for shawls and scarves. Have you seen our Single Peshtemal? What about Flora Peshtemal? And Wise Peshtemal? Then you must know that Turkish Towels are never just a towel. It is your favorite garment from now on that will act as a scarf when it is windy and be your blanket when it is cold.

6. Traditional Turkish Hammams

Saraylı Peshtemal
Saraylı Peshtemal is one of our most preferred traditional hammam towel designs!

Turkish towels are actually first used in traditional Turkish Hammams for hundreds of years, and as you can see they are still in use today. We are proud to carry on the tradition with our designs and hammam towels and hope you will choose us in your hammams and in your hammam visits. 

7. Stylish and Soft Yacht Towels

Round Peshtemal
Decorate your yacht with the comfort and elegance of our collection of exclusive peshtemals!

Flaunt with your new stylish Turkish towel in your summer yacht tour or summer yacht party. Lay it everyone to see it and enjoy the sun, sea and your vacation.

8. Stylish and Quick-Drying Beach Towels

Colorful Rainbow Peshtemal
Colorful Rainbow Peshtemal will enliven your summer with its vivid design and quick-drying texture!

Peshtemals are your greatest friends at the beaches. There is a design for every taste. Quick to dry, easy to pack and travel as  Turkish towels are lightweight and covers much less space compared to an ordinary towel.

9. Cover Your Car In a Stylish Way

Cutted Diamond Peshtemal
Cover your car with the luxurious texture and design of Cutted Diamond Peshtemal!

The perfect way to cover and protect your car seats in a stylish way is to design your car with our Turkish towels. When necessary, a peshtemal can be used as a blanket perhaps in a long distance ride. A blanket is always needed so don’t forget to stock a couple of peshtemals in your cars.

Turkish towels are life-saving tools. They complete your style. Enhance the visuality of your workplace. They will keep your customers happy with a peshtemal’s comfortable and chic texture. In short, a peshtemal is an inseperable part of our lives! Discover our entire collection of Turkish towels, peshtemals, hammam towels and fouta towels on our “products” page and contact us now for your Turkish towels wholesale inquiries!

Nine Miraculous Ways You Can Use Turkish Towels (Part 1)

Flora Turkish Beach Towel
Flora Turkish Towels are inspired by the vivid variety of colors of all 4 seasons. Match your style with autumn using Flora Turkish towels!

Due to their perfect texture, Turkish towels are naturally multi-purpose. They can be utilized in ways you can’t even imagine. The first part of our “Nine Miraculous Ways You Can Use Turkish Towels” article will surprise you! Follow our blog and social media accounts to be informed about our newest articles and products!

1. Gyms

Diamond Stripe Turkish towel

While finally leaving the Summer season behind it is time for us to take care of our bodies. Just when the season of a healthy lifestyle, working out and breaking a sweat start come, there is only one question in mind. Which one of our Turkish towels will become your go-to towel? After all, whether you are a gym owner or a member, keeping a clean environment by covering the machines with your personal towels and keeping yourselves dry while working out and not leaving the gym without freshening up with a shower, are known to be the golden rules of gyms.

As our traditional Turkish towels are large yet light, they cover a much bigger area than ordinary towels. With a larger and naturally quick-drying Turkish towel, you no longer have to be in contact with other people’s body fluids. Though peshtemals come in different weights it is still light as a feather and covers little space in your bags due to their easy-to-pack nature, which makes it easier to take it with you. Check out our entire Peshtemal collection on our “Products” page to find the Turkish Towel that matches your or your businesses style and comfort.

2. Home Decoration

Hereke Peshtemal

Turkish Towels are irreplaceable decorative helpers and accessories for your homes.

a) Kitchen Decoration and Aprons

Having many designs suitable for your kitchens, it will be your favorite cover to your dining tables. Besides, since most of us cook, we all know the importance of keeping a lightweight cloth in reach to dry our hands, dishes, the counter, to hold a hot pot. Plus, anyone who does laundry knows the struggle of washing old-school, heavy, ordinary towels. It will damage your washing machines in the long run due to their heavy-weight nature. As our Turkish towels are lightweight yet absorbent, you should definitely consider using a Turkish towel instead of ordinary towels.

b) Bathroom Decoration and Bath Towels

After bathing, cheer yourselves up by wrapping your bodies in these colorful, luxurious and soft Turkish towels. Instead of damaging your hair by blow drying, wrap your hair in a Turkish Towel and it will do the work for you.

c) Living Room Decoration and Throws

If you want a change of style, you actually don’t have to change all the furniture and spend thousands of dollars for a better style. Cover your tables and couches with Turkish towels to create a bohemian or a modern look, whichever you desire we promise you will find the perfect design for your living rooms in our products page.

3. Outdoor Picnics

Hasır Peshtemal

Oh, no… Does the grass look a little wet today? How unfortunate they’ve watered the grass in your favorite spot. Now your whole plans are ruined. What a mood killer! We occasionally experience this situation. You still can have your outdoor picnic, you still can lay down and chill by reading a book. You only need a Turkish towel by your side. How nice we design and manufacture them just so you can carry it in your bags ready to be useful.


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Peshtemal City wishes everybody a healthy and fun autumn this year!



Make Your Customers Happy With Turkish Towels

Having satisfied customers is the key to your success! And this week, we are revealing the secret to happy customers! It’s simple. Everyone loves gifts, right? Why don’t you make your customers happy by giving them heart-warming Turkish towels?

Wise Peshtemal is one of our traditional Turkish towels. It would make an elegant promotional gift for your customers!

Turkish Towels as Promotional Gifts

Do you run a hotel? Or a gym? Golf club? Do you sell cars? It doesn’t matter what you do. Comfortable and elegant Turkish towels are the ultimate promotional gift one can receive. Here is the list why your customers would LOVE to receive such gift:

  1. Turkish towels are not ordinary or dull! They are an important part of centuries-old Turkish culture and tradition. Thus, Turkish towels are appealing to our aesthetic sense.
  2. Woven from premium quality Turkish cotton, Turkish towels are comfortable and durable. With every use, your customers will remember you gratifiedly (for a long time).
  3. They are multi-functional and easy-to-pack. Turkish towels can be taken to picnics, they can be used at gyms, spas, golf clubs etc. Your customers can take your name everywhere with ease.
Jacquard Peshtemal
Jacquard Turkish Towels are some of our most lively designs. They will make your customers smile for sure!
  1. We follow the fashion for you! We manufacture Turkish towels to reflect your style perfectly. We can also manufacture Turkish towels upon your request! There will be a representative of your brand wherever your customers go!


  1. Promotional Turkish towels are not overkill! You can also give a watch or jewelry as a gift. But if you give your customers cheap jewelry or watches, that will be ineffective, won’t it? Our products are high in quality and reasonable in price. You don’t need to spend thousands on gifts with our Turkish towels.
Saraylı Hammam Towel
Saraylı Hammam Towel is one of our most desired products. It will boost your business with its chic design!

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