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  • Jacquard Peshtemals

Jacquard Peshtemals




  • Name            : Jacquard Peshtemals
  • Compound    : %100 Cotton – RING Spun  
  • Pile               : Warp 30/2 - Weft 20/2
  • Weight          : 360 Gr
  • Size              : 100 x 180 cm   
  • Features       : Wide colour spectrum, High Quality, Softness, High Absorbency
  • Usage           : Beach, Spas, Hotels, Pools, Yatchs, Baths and Home Decoration


Jacquard Peshtemal - Fouta

Named after the inventor of looms, Joseph M. Jacquard, Jacquard Peshtemal comes with a variety of design and color options. Jacquard Peshtemal is the perfect Turkish beach towel design for those who like the unique sense of design. It is perfect for a fun day at the beach!

Woven 100% from premium quality ring spun cotton yarns, Jacquard Peshtemal weighs only 360 grams! Even though it has an extremely light-weight texture, Jacquard Peshtemal is still highly absorbent, quick drying, soft, and durable due to the premium quality cotton we use! Manufactured in Denizli/TURKEY, Jacquard Peshtemal is the perfect alternative of ordinary terry towels!