What is Peshtemal ?

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What is Peshtemal ?

What Is Peshtemal?

Peshtemal, also known as hammam towel, Turkish towel or fouta, was used as the primary clothing during the ancient times. In time, due to its absorbent texture, people started to use it every day. Peshtemal became irreplaceable in Turkish baths. Craftsmen used it as a certificate of mastership. Ladies used garnished peshtemals as accessories. In short, peshtemal is not only a towel but a cultural element.

Why Should I Use Peshtemal? 

Peshtemals dry %100 faster than terry towels. It is also thinner than terry towels and takes less space in a suitcase, which is why people prefer them over terry towels during their travels. Even today, people take their Turkish towel to beaches, spas, gyms, hotels, hammams.


Elegance of Peshtemal

Peshtemals are usually strip patterned with different colors. Peshtemals¸ usually have fringes matching their design.  They are woven from cotton or bamboo yarn in every size. The elegant design of a peshtemal catches everybody's eye at beaches, and also make them a perfect decorative item for every house.

Our mission is to become a leading and responsible textile company of Peshtemal and Hotel Textile, which understands the human requirements and act to balance these requirements by producing world class products. We strive to produce, our products with best desings, high quality and dynamic team.


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