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Are you an outfitter? Or selling household goods? Join our family of happy customers and boost your sales in no time with our Turkish towels!

We manufacture heavenlyTurkish towels for the biggest companies of Europe! Why don’t you jump abroad the train and boost your sales with our Turkish towels?
Flora Turkish Beach Towel

Affordable Prices for Unmatched Quality

We manufacture our towels with premium quality ring spun Turkish cotton. Turkish cotton is great for:
  • Manufacturing quick-drying towels.
  • Preventing meldew,
  • Super-packable towels,
  • Pushing water off your skin instead of taking it into the towel and loosening the yarns.
We offer irresistable prices for such high-quality Turkish towels.
Jacquard Peshtemal

Outstanding Designs

We constantly follow the fashion to come up with outstanding Turkish towel designs. We try to have a design for every type of person.
We have single colored designs such as Single Peshtemal. We have colorful designs such as Chilly Peshtemal and Blossom Peshtemal. We have traditional designs like Nazar Peshtemal and Hasır Peshtemal.
In short, we have a design for everybody!
Colorful Rainbow Peshtemal

Ever-growing Turkish Towel Collection

We add latest-fashion towels to our ever-growing collection every 6 months.
Imagine your customers stopping by your store and seeing the same products every time! With our ever-growing Turkish towel collection, your customers will keep coming back for more!
Cutted Diamond Peshtemal

Make Your Customers Feel Like a SULTAN

Peshtemals are not just towels. They have an underlying cultural value in Turkish history. Garnished Turkish towels were widely used by the nobles of Ottoman Empire. Craftsmen and workers used Turkish towels as aprons. Housewives used them in kitchen. Mesmerize your customers with the history of Turkish towels and watch them buying Turkish towels for their loved ones!

We Handle Shipment For You

You can choose between the masters of shipment for delivery: DHL, FedEx, and TNT. After you place your order, we will handle all the shipment procedures for you, so you can focus on your own work!
Once you place your order, our products will be delivered within 5-10 work days via air-cargo!
Saraylı Hammam Towel

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Discover our wide collection of premium quality and latest fashion Turkish towels!
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Turkish Beach Towel Review

Turkish Beach Towel Review

 As a Turkish Beach Towel manufacturer and wholesaler, we work hard to supply you the most comfortable, absorbent, quick drying, thin, light-weight, soft, and elegant peshtemals. With the coming of a beautiful spring season, we have put our latest fashion peshtemals on the market. In this week’s blog post, we will be reviewing three of our latest fashion, high quality Turkish Beach Towels for our customers. You can learn more about our products in our website:


Jacquard PeshtemalFouta

Jacquard Peshtemal

If you like different, eye catching designs and a much more colorful beach experience, Jacquard Peshtemal is a great fouta for you. Woven from 100% cotton yarns and weighting about 360 gr, this fouta is highly absorbent and light. The high quality of Jacquard Peshtemal makes it great for vacations, spas or a long, relaxing day at the beach. If you like to reflect your personality and have fun at the same time, with its uniqe design, Jacquard Peshtemal is the right fouta for you.

You can check our one of the most eye catching fouta in our website:

Casanova Peshtemal – Turkish Beach Towel

Casanova Peshtemal

Simplicity and relaxation… This is what you will find when you see Casanova Peshtemal for the first time. While its striped design makes you feel elegant, its soft colors will give you a cozy and comfortable feeling. One of our lightest Turkish Beach Towels, Casanova Peshtemal only weights 300 gr and it is woven from 100% high quality cotton yarns. That makes this Turkish Beach Towel not only extremely easy to carry, but also highly observant and durable. This Turkish Beach Towel will be an irreplaceable part of your daily life.

You can check our one of the lightest and most elegant Turkish Beach Towels at:

Cutted Diamond Peshtemal – Hammam Towel

Cutted Diamond Peshtemal

Cutted Diamond Peshtemal is one of our newest hammam towels. It combines traditional stripes and fringes with more modernistic colors and gives you a great beach and spa experience. Like all of our hammam towels, Cutted Diamond Peshtemal is also light, absorbent and quick drying. Because it is woven from 100% high quality cotton yarns, it is also very soft which makes it a great hammam towel for all skin types –including sensitive skins like babies. This hammam towel will turn your vacations and beach experiences into unforgettable memories.

You can check one of our most comfortable and elegant hammam towels in our website:

Peshtemal Usa, Pes

Turkish Beach Towels

Newest Beach Fashion

Round Peshtemal

Are you wondering why you see Turkish Beach towel everywhere and everyone’s hand at the beach these days? And you are probably thinking how do people dry themselves with these unconventional towels, isn’t it a bit thin? Actually Turkish beach towel also known as peshtemal is a product of a great tradition and history. For centuries it was used in traditional Turkish hammams, but with the developments and innovations in our time we have changed our habits in order to simplify our lives and sought for the products that is user friendly practical and fashionable at the same time. That’s when our traditional peshtemals made its comeback. And with our production principle they are fashionable more than ever! Peshtemals are not a thing from our past anymore. They have become a must-have at the beaches. And this has a very simple explanation!

Our Turkish beach towels are super-light compared to ordinary beach towels. This makes it easier to carry around. It doesn’t weigh you down, your bags and your suit cases while traveling. And as we all know traveling light is priceless! Talking about priceless perhaps we should share the fact that our Turkish beach towels dry quickly if we were to compare it with an ordinary towel, plus the structure of the fabric is designed to be highly absorbent. So you no longer have to feel uncomfortable because of a wet towel that doesn’t during the days where you spend a lot of time at the beach. And these features make our peshtemal beach towels irreplaceable and savior of the time we spend at the beach.

Everyone desires to look good and lively at the beach. In the recent years beach fashion changed and our Turkish beach towels replaced the ordinary looking, heavy and not so user-friendly towels as we offer a wide variety color spectrum and designs! Along with elegance we offer you quality and bring comfort and color to the beach fashion with our soft, vibrant, user-friendly and light-weight beach towels. For those reasons our peshtemal beach towels are highly useful in our time. It is practical. Remember those times that you had to bring a bunch of towels weighing you down in order not to wait for hours for a towel to dry up causing stress and ruining the quality time you were planning to spend at the beach or on your vacation. The times have changed! So let’s grab our peshtemal, head to beach and you shall notice the difference.