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  • Sultan Bathrobe

Sultan Bathrobe


Name           : Sultan Bathrobe

Yarn Type    : %100 Cotton – RING – Warp 20/1 -                          Weft 20/1

Size             : S - M - L -XL -XXL 

Features      : Wide colour spectrum, High Quality,                        Softness, High Absorbency

Usage          : Beach, Spas, Hotels, Pools,                                      Yatchs and Baths


Sultan Bathrobe 


Woven 100% from 20/1 ring spun cotton yarns, Sultan Bathrobe is highly absorbent, and very light. Worthy of sultans, Sultan Bathrobe is not only light but also comfortable.  Its elegant design makes it a perfect decorative item for your house. Sultan Bathrobe will make you swing like sultans.