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  • Waffle Blanket

Waffle Blanket


Name           : Waffle Blanket

Yarn Type    : %100 Cotton – RING – Warp 20/2 -                          Weft 20/2

Gr/Pcs         : 1152 gr

Size             : 220 x 260  

Features      : Wide colour spectrum, High Quality,                        Softness

Usage          : Baby Care and House Decoration


Waffle Blanket

Waffle Blanket is one of the best products to use in your homes. With its soft texture and elegant pattern, it will make you feel cozy and comfortable during the winter nights. We weave Waffle Blankets with %100 Cotton 20/2 Ring yarn. We have a wide color spectrum for this product. With its high quality, it is also one of the best choices for your baby.